Tuesday, June 20, 2017


Dear Parents,

We had so much fun this week preparing for our beach party.  We introduced our unit by reading The Rainbow Fish, The Ocean Alphabet Book, and Rainbow Fish to the Rescue.  We then had a discussion about the different types of fish and sea creatures that live in the ocean such as dolphins, whales, sharks, crabs, lobsters, and turtles.

The children made aquariums by placing fish stickers on the outside of a plastic containers, and then added rocks, shells, glitter, frogs, and blue-colored water inside the containers.  The results were spectacular!  The children had so much fun playing with them and watching the frog swim around inside of it.

We celebrated Cyrus's and Emma's 4th birthday, and Sachiko's birthday this week.  Thank you to Cyrus and Emma's  family for the delicious treats.
 Happy 4th Birthday Cyrus!

Happy 4th Birthday Emma!                      
       Happy Birthday Sachiko!      

We concluded our unit by having a beach party.  The children looked so adorable in their beach attire.  One of the activities was decorating beach hats with shells and markers. They also decorated binoculars with fish and beach stickers.  The children used their binoculars to search for whales hidden around the classroom.  Once the children found a whale they sat on their beach towels and listened to stories about them.

We ended the week by having a fabulous concert.  We are sure you will agree that the children did a great job performing. Congratulations to Izzy, Liz, and Luisa on graduating today and moving on to Kindergarten.  We wish them the best of luck in their new schools.

A star is born!

I would have to say that this was the best year yet!  It has been an amazing year watching the children grow both socially and academically right in front of our eyes.

I would especially like to thank you for all your support throughout the year and for all your contributions to the classroom such as: Bringing in fruit each week, donating coffee boxes and all the delicious treats.  As the saying goes " Great parents have great children," and that certainly could not be any truer!

Ms. Bonne and Ms. Barbara

Monday, May 29, 2017


Dear Parents,

We had a "beary" good week.  We enjoyed bringing our teddy bears to class and taking them to the "Teddy Bear Hospital".  Some of them had ear aches, broken legs, and others had their annual physicals.  We used our language skills to get a complete medical history on our bears.  We put a splint on a bear with a broken leg and administered shots to sick bears.  One bear had an accident and got completely covered with bandages.

We also invited the Quarter Class into our class and listened to a story with them called Its the Bear" by, Jez Alborough.  We then created our own teddy bears puppets.  

The children had so much fun sitting on a blanket and having a teddy bear picnic.  We ate Teddy Grahams and fruit and shared stories about our stuffed animals.
Dressed in pajamas

Notes from Yuting:
This week in Mandarin class we learned about names of our family members. Here is the list--
Grandfather: yé ye / 爷 爷
Grandmother: nǎi nai / 奶 奶
Father: bà ba / 爸 爸
Mother:  mā ma/ 妈 妈
Older sister: jiě jie / 姐 姐
Younger sister: mèi mei / 妹 妹
Older brother: gē ge / 哥 哥
Younger brother: dì di / 弟 弟

This video teaches us the pronunciation--

We concluded our week by reading Goldilocks and the Three Bears and then the children put on their own production of Goldilock and the 3 bears.  They also put on a talent show with their stuffed animals.  These are some of the tricks their talented animals performed:
~ Tima's bunny hopped
~Sid's bear growled
~Caroline's leopard spun on his tiptoes
~Conrad's bear jumped
~Justin's dog ran fast
~Cyrus's bear did a flip
~Gaurav's bear tumbled across the rug
~Emma's bear hopped
~Liz's bear ran 
~Helen's bunny hopped really fast
~ Izzie's bear stood on his head
~Giselle's elephant walked really fast

 ~Antonio's cat walked very fast

Papa Bear, Mama Bear and Baby Bear

    Taking a Bow

Someone has been eating my porridge
They at it all up

 This porridge is                delicious!

Ms. Bonne and Ms. Barbara